Artist’s statement

Suzanne Lizette Artist

Suzanne Lizette is an artist based in Oxford where she currently has a studio. She graduated from the Royal Academy Schools where she won numerous prizes and commissions, including the prestigious ‘Student Painting’ Prize in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Suzanne continues to experiment with new mediums and surfaces’ Discovering new materials and methods is an important part of her process, allowing accidents to happen and inform the direction of her work in an instinctive way. The starting point for each work is drawing, these pen & ink works develop into the physical dimension of painting by building up layers that can take months to finish, allowing the work to evolve over time. She can equally spend all day making drawings and watercolour, gouache and pastel studies which help her explore ideas and which in turn, suggest and reveal new subject matter .

By working intuitively through different processes and responses, an image takes shape and the subject of each work comes into focus. A distillation of elements from botany & landscape informs the structures and details that develop. Each work reveals itself gradually; the time invested in the making allows for discovery and change, leaving traces of this in the work. Often there are suggestions of forms developed from her drawings. Sometime there are figures or abstracted forms, sometimes these are translucent and ephemeral, portraying fragments of memory.

During lockdown she has been exploring colour further, inspired by her numerous visits to Tate’s recent Bonnard exhibition and landscapes remembered and studied that she longs to return to when able. Using paint to investigate our emotional responses to being in landscapes, and the memories we make/take from these experiences.